Managing API Limits in Recover for Dynamics

    We allow Admins to set limits for API consumption, for files and attachment download via the REST API. Admins should first verify the API usage in their MS Dynamics environment.

    1. Log in to your Power Platform admin center  (
    2. Navigate to Analytics > Dataverse.

    These screens will help you understand the number of APIs your organization uses, your daily limits, as well as your file storage user and table/entity usage. These numbers will be used to decide on your API limit strategy with the application.

    MS Dynamics governs the total number of REST APIs used per rolling 24-hour period. Typically, there are other apps that utilize some of that API bank, alongside our application.

    See also: MS Dynamics API and limits

    To modify the settings in the application, select a service and navigate to the Options menu.

    Controlling the Rate of Download for Files & Attachments

    We intelligently separate the download of data objects from the file/attachment objects during a backup. Since files & attachments only need to be downloaded once (unless changed), the backup service checks for the difference between files and new/changed files in your environment. This includes items such as email attachments, Entity-related notes with files, image fields, and file fields etc.

    The default API consumption for downloading the file/attachment objects is 5,000 API calls, which can be increased to 600,000 (note: each file consumes 1 REST API call). This means that with a 600,000 limit, every backup will attempt to use up to 600,000 API calls to download 300,000 potential records. This will continue for each backup until it finishes downloading all of the files/attachments.

    For example: If an org contains ~1,400,000 files to download and the API limit is 600,000 - it will take approximately three backups for all the files to download.

    The warnings for file download limits will display in the OB platform, until all of the files/attachments have been fully downloaded.

    Another item that also influences the overall backup time, is the API limit variant. The bigger the API Limits number is, the longer it would take to complete the full backup.

    NOTE: In order to get a balance between reaching full files coverage, and having backups that take less than 24 hours to complete (daily SLA), we recommend starting with an API Limit of 25,000, and then increasing or decreasing the limit, according to your needs.







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