OwnBackup Smart Alerts

    OwnBackup’s Smart Alerts supports alerting based on statistical outliers detection in your data and/or to define thresholds and set alerts based on More Than/Less Than scenarios. This capability allows users to receive alerts on their object(s) of choice whenever a significant outlier from the distribution of the addedremoved, or changed record counts is detected.

    Outlier detection is a key element of modern statistics. The scientific community uses statistical outlier detection for a wide range of applications ranging from determining new trend beginnings through detecting sensor malfunctions and more.

    At their core, Outliers are major deviations from the general trend of your data.  Major changes in the addedremoved, or changed record counts could indicate a data loss or data corruption event that you should be aware of.

    1.  In the Services screen, select the service you want to add an alert for.
    2.  Click the “Smart Alerts” option in the left menu tab.
    3.  Set Alert when to “statistical outlier” and select an object from the drop-down menu.
    4.  Click Add Alert.
    5.  Make sure the alert was added to the alerts list under the Alerts tab.

    Note: The Master Admin and any active user in a business unit containing the service will get the notification email.


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