Creating a Read-Only User for Security Insights in Secure

    Secure allows for the creation of a read-only user. This feature provides greater user flexibility while retaining a secure Salesforce environment.

    Audit, Compliance, and InfoSec users typically do not require full access to perform their duties.

    Admins can create a read-only user by assigning the "Own Secure Security Insights Read Only" permission set. These users should be created using default Standard or Read-Only equivalent Salesforce users profiles to avoid any unnecessary risk.

    1. Create a user in Salesforce.
    2. Assign the "Own Secure Security Insights Read Only" permission set to the new user.
    3. Navigate to the App Manager in Setup for Own Secure and ensure that it is assigned to the profile assigned to the user.
    4. Sign in as the user and navigate to Secure.
    5. Security Insights should be the only available tab. Select ​Security Insights​​.
    6. A banner is displayed for read-only users.

    These users are limited to viewing the Security Insights tab and can download lens related data. They are unable to run jobs, configure risk ratings, or update scoring policies.


    If a user is not properly configured, they may encounter a User Access Issue modal. For read-only users, this occurs when the "SI Admin" permission has been assigned. To resolve this access issue, remove the "SI Admin" permission.

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