Own Release Notes Q1 2024


    Archive & Accelerate, Salesforce, ServiceNow

    Decouple Recover: Tabs associated with Recover and Replicate are removed for Accelerate and Archive only customers providing a more seamless experience

    • UI update will go live on Mar 24 


    Right to Be Forgotten (RTBF)

    SDK Improvements: Comply with "Right of Access", “Right to Rectification” and "Right to Forget" requests related to GDPR by purging archived records via SDK.

    • Peace of mind thanks to faster processing speeds & improved visibility via the Console


    Archive Console

    Full Capabilities in the Activities Tab offers parity with the package.


    Anonymize, Salesforce

    Select the option on checkbox field type.

    Define whether to check/uncheck all field records using the Select and Clear options.

    Accelerate, Salesforce

    We have renamed "Show Records" to "Preview Records". The preview displays a sample of the records.

    We have removed the limit of #objects that can be mapped by value. All template objects that have a unique field, can be mapped by value.

    Recover, Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow

    Initiate Jobs from Services Screen

    New backup drop-down menu enables quick action to trigger a job. Quickly trigger any recover job from Recover’s homepage


    Package Version 20.25.0


    • We’ve renamed the Widget Search setting to Widget Restriction Rules and added functionality to allow more control over who has access to view archived data. There’s a new Permission Set available called “Archive Override Widget Restriction Rule”.

    • You can now abort a running Archive, Unarchive or Export activity.

    • We’ve improved the preview tab so when you’re building archiving policies or setting up the widget you can identify non-indexed fields and work more efficiently.

    • We’ve added the ability to access archived data via code through the improved SDK unarchive capabilities.

    • Bring Your Own Key Vault for Azure (BYO-KV) is now available via the Archive Console.

    • We’ve upgraded the Policies tab in the Archive Console for parity with the Archive Managed Package.


    Anonymize, Salesforce

    Customize Picklist Values

    When creating/editing an anonymize template, you can customize the list of values for object fields of type picklist. Select the option Custom… in the picklist field’s Replace with field.

    Export Anonymize Templates

    Export (download) an anonymize template in a file to your local machine. Supports reviewing/QA, auditing and sharing of templates. Template content exported in JSON format. For each anonymized object field, the following data exports:

    • Field Name
    • Field Type
    • Data Sensitivity Level
    • Compliance Categorization Level
    • Replacement Value

    Accelerate & Anonymize Salesforce, ServiceNow

    Use Archived Services in Seeding/Anonymize Jobs

    Seeding/Anonymize customers who have not purchased Own Recover can run seeding jobs and/or anonymize jobs also using their archived services. All available services are listed in the UI’s new Services tab.

    Accelerate, Salesforce, ServiceNow

    UI field name updates

    Renamed (→) the following UI seeding fields:

    • In the Create New Template window:
    • Source → Template Source
    • Based On → Create From

    When defining a seeding job in the <template name> window:

    • Source → Seeding Source

    Clickable Template Name

    In the Scheduled tab, the template name of completed scheduled seeding job entries, which appears in the Template column, remains a clickable link (as already is the case for the template name of future/active scheduled seeding job entries). Clicking <template name> opens a new browser tab that displays the template in the Seeding > My Templates > Template Builder tab.

    Accelerate, Salesforce

    We now support seeding Vlocity ObjectAppliedResult object with the related Quote id.

    Recover, Salesforce

    Backup and Restore Embedded Images

    Support for backup and restore of embedded images. Embedded images in Salesforce may be found in any type of record, as a rich text field. Most commonly found in Knowledge Article objects, but can also be found on any type of record.

    Archive Console, Salesforce

    New Navigational Tabs

    We’ve added tabs for

    • Overview (showing the pre-existing service overview dashboard).
    • Policies.
    • Activities.

    You can now view all policies and run active ones from within the Archive Console. You can monitor activities and export search results.

    Archive, Salesforce


    Improved the messaging on logs and the unarchive process with the addition of remediation action items.

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