Accessing Our Application through API

    We provide API access through all pricing plans with the purpose of letting you manipulate and export some of your jobs and data.


    The following link provides guidelines to the API guide along with sample requests and responses for:

    • Service
    • Backup
    • Objects
    • Job
    • GDPR
    • Event
    • Sandbox Seeding

    See here for information on creating and managing API Tokens.

    Common use cases:

    • GDPR request relay from Salesforce - automating the GDPR process end to end from Salesforce to include snapshots as well.
    • Audit log monitoring - Integrate the events audit log to your central monitoring system for important or suspicious behavior.
    • Export backup to SQL - Automate backups to a 3rd party database for further processing (such as BI or BA).
    • Execute Sandbox Seeding jobs - Kickoff jobs directly from the API.



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