How to create a new user that can login to OwnBackup

    In order to create another a new user in OwnBackup you will need to:

    1. Select the User/Account widget on the top right
    2. In Account Settings->Users, select "Add user" and assign an initial Role and Business Unit.
    3. Assign the user to a Business unit and select the Role per business unit


    User activation requirements:

    1. The user must be in email format and that email must be deliverable to an inbox, in that the verification process requires active hyperlink confirmation of a 24-hour long token, delivered to that email.
    2. Password requirements:
      • Passwords can contain any combination of printable ASCII characters and must contain a minimum of 8 characters, 1 upper case character, 1 lower case character, and 1 special character
      • Passwords can't begin or end with a white space character. 
      • Passwords can’t contain the username or email address.
      • Repeating characters and known poor passwords (such as “password”) may also be blocked.


    Tips and Best Practice:

    1. If the email for activation has not been received, please check the spam settings on your inbox or at the organizational level.
    2. You cannot re-send an activation email, instead - delete the user and create them again.
    3. When Single Sign-On is enabled, Users must be created first in OwnBackup as they do not get auto-provisioned from the IdP.
    4. Creating an email distribution list may facilitate access, but is at a cost of security since multiple persons may perform auditing actions under the same username. OwnBackup recommends a unique user per person.
    5. It is recommended to create a backup admin for the billing contact in case the Master Admin leaves the company and Ownership needs to be transferred.
    6. Login to OwnBackup and login of the authenticated user when adding a service are 2 completely separate paths.
    7. User role may be customized per business unit
    8. The Master Admin is not assigned to any Business Unit and may view all Business Units
    9. When changing the Master Admin to another active Admin User, the newly demoted Admin must be assigned to Business Units with a Role. 
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