Precision Repair

    Precision Repair Capabilities

    Precision Repair capabilities provide a visual, interactive, end-to-end experience that makes it easy to identify and correct only the unwanted changes to your SaaS data.

    • Survey all changes to an org’s data at a glance:
      • Unified, color-coded view of additions, deletions, changes to object
      • Toggle to view just one of the categories (additions, deletions, changes
      • Indicator that flags just the fields that have changes to the
      • Hovers to display old and new values for changed fields
    • Efficiently zero in on unwanted changes:
      • Restrict the view and ordering of fields shown to focus your attention
      • Filter records based on field values, to only those that match criteria of unwanted changes
    • Quickly restore data with confidence:
      • Narrow down selection of data in order to pre-visualize exactly what will be restored
      • Add records to restore bucket with checkboxes
      • Start restore process with a single click
    • Avoid the compliance risks and aggravations of CSV files:
      • Use visual filtering, instead of downloading, editing, and uploading CSV files, to specify the precise subset of records you want to restore.

    For more information on Salesforce Precision Repair, see here.

    For more information on ServiceNow Precision Repair, see here.

    For more information on Dynamics Precision Repair, see here.



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