Recover for Dynamics Common Errors & Warnings


    Invalid Credentials: unable to connect the service to MS Dynamics 365
    • Reason: The user used to connect to the service doesn’t have all the required permissions on the destination environment.
    • Solutions: Assign System Administrator security role to the authenticated user for the backed up environment in Power
    Warning! Some Tables/Entities could not be backed up
    • Reason: New tables introduced by Microsoft may not be supported by the API.
    • Solutions: We will attempt to resolve the ability to back up unknown tables/entities.​​
    Sorry, this MS Dynamics 365 Environment has already been taken
    • Reason: This Dynamic environment is already connected as a service with another active user account.
    • Solution: If you are unable to locate the owner of this account, or think this message is in error, please contact our Customer Support team.
    File Download Limit Reached / API Download limit reached
    • Reason: Some of the indexed files, attachments, content documents, and content versions have not been downloaded to the backups.
    • Solutions: The default limit is set to 5,000 files per backup. You can increase this limit to 300,000 files, see more information here.
    1. Check your API consumption in the Power Platform admin center:
    2. Navigate here.
    3. Select API calls statistics, and review the maximum amount of calls your org is allowed within 24 hours.
    Backup Failed to back up
    • Reason: Sometimes you will need to re-authenticate your credentials when there are changes to your tenant, or API call changes between Own and your connected environment
    • Solutions: You will need to re-authenticate the Backup Service.
    1. Select the backup service that encountered an error.
    2. Click Re-authenticate Service. You are prompted to select the relevant Microsoft account and sign in, authorizing Own to access your org using oAuth.

    Once authenticated, a success message appears, and the service is re-authenticated.


    • Reason: In the source environment, the owner of the record, is inactive in the target environment.
    • Solutions: During restore, the user performing the restore, will become the owner of any records being inserted back into the target environment.
    • Activate the record owner in the destination environment, then perform another restore.
    • Reason: Restore to the target environment that has missing metadata failed. For example, fields/columns that no longer exist.
    • Solution: If there is data in a previous backup that needs to be restored, but that field no longer exists, you will need to create that field, run a manual backup, and then restore the backup that contains data for that field.



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