Getting Started with Accelerate


    As you get started with Accelerate, we’ve compiled this list of articles that are most important for new users to review: 

    1. Online User GuideYou should have received this as part of your onboarding, but if you have not reviewed it is a good place to start. This online guide covers the key activities required to set up and begin successfully using Seeding.
    2. Common WarningsThis article contains a comprehensive list of common warnings and errors you might encounter, the reasons behind the errors, and solutions to resolve the errors. 
    3. User RolesAn overview of user roles, what each role can do, and role-based access control. There is also a deep dive into role-based access control, as well as a comprehensive FAQ. 
    4. User Permissions: Salesforce authenticated user permissions required for Seeding.
    5. Seeding with Anonymized Data: A video walkthrough of how to seed anonymized data from our production environment to our sandbox environment using an Anonymization template.
    6. Seeding Parent & Child RelationshipsA video walkthrough of how to build and seed a template with a parent and child relationship to the root node.
    7. How do I Replicate or Seed production data into a sandbox environment?This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly replicate or seed production data into a sandbox environment. 
    8. Re-Authenticate a Refreshed Sandbox: A video walkthrough of how to re-authenticate a backed up sandbox environment in the application, that has been refreshed in Salesforce.
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