Predefined Nodes Templates for Seeding FSL Data

    Own’s Seeding application makes available to you a selection of predefined Nodes Templates. These templates are specifically tailored to perform data seeding for the following data environments:

    • FSL - Salesforce Field Service (formerly known as Field Service Lightning, hence the acronym FSL). This product is the extension of the Salesforce Service Cloud.

    Nodes Templates created using a predefined template are populated with data objects and are ready for data seeding use; they do not require any additional configuration. However, as necessary, you can edit such templates and further configure their objects to customize them even more precisely and more specifically address your organization's data seeding needs.

    The following table provides you with a description and details about each of the predefined Nodes Templates that are tailored for seeding use in a Salesforce-FSL data environment:


    FSL Template NameDescriptionObjects Provided
    Salesforce Field Service

    Covers the Salesforce Field Service record-based configuration. 

    The template’s provided objects may be more than what is actually needed for typical Field Service implementations.

    To successfully work with a refreshed sandbox, please review the Own knowledge article Seeding Salesforce Field Service Objects (FSL).

    • ServiceResource
    • ServiceCrew
    • ServiceCrewMember
    • Location
    • Address
    • ResourceAbsence
    • ResourcePreference
    • ServiceResourceShare
    • ServiceResourceSkill
    • ServiceResourceCapacity
    • Skill
    • ServiceTerritory
    • ServiceTerritoryMember
    • operating hours
    • TimeSheet
    • TimeSheetEntry
    • TimeSlot
    • Account
    • WorkOrder
    • WorkOrderShare
    • WorkType
    • Attachment
    • ContentDocument
    • ContentVersion
    • ContentDocumentLink
    • Shift
    • Entitlement
    • AgentWork
    • ServiceChannel
    • Pricebook2
    • Opportunity
    • PricebookEntry
    • Product2
    • Quote
    • Event
    • Case
    • Contact
    • Asset
    • AssetWarranty
    • BusinessHours
    • ServiceContract
    • MaintenancePlan
    • ReturnOrder
    • ReturnOrderLineItem
    • ServiceAppointment
    • AssignedResource
    • ServiceReport
    • Task
    • Lead
    • FSL__Criteria__c
    • FSL__Criteria__Share
    • FSL__SchedulingRecipe__c
    • EntitySubscription
    • FSL__Scheduling_Policy__c
    • FSL__SchedulingRecipe__c
    • FSL__Scheduling_Policy_Goal__c
    • FSL__Service_Goal__c
    • FSL__Scheduling_Policy_Work_Rule__c
    • FSL__Work_Rule__c
    • FSL__Work_Rule__Share
    • FSL__Optimization_Request__c
    • FSL__UserSetting__c
    • FSL__FSL_Operation__c
    • FSL__Time_Dependency__c
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