How to check if Archive is installed and running properly

    OwnBackup Archive relies on an active admin user leveraged as the Running user with permission sets to run policies and connect to the OwnBackup backend actively. Please see the steps below to ensure 

    1. Log in to Salesforce as an admin.
    2. Navigate to Setup-->Connected Apps OAuth Usage.
    3. Verify the OB Archive app exists on the list and isn't blocked.
    4. If blocked, uninstalled or the running user needs to be changed:
      1. Navigate to Setup-->Installed Packages-->OB Archive-->Configure.
      2. Re-select the same app region and provide new or same admin user details for the Running User. If you are unsure what your app region was configured to please STOP and contact Support.
      3. Assign the Archive permission sets to this user.

    5. Navigate to the OB Archive app-->Home Screen--Archive Settings.
      1. Verify the running user is active and assigned correctly - The page will not load correctly if the running user is no longer active or the app is blocked/uninstalled.
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