Getting Started With Recover for Salesforce

    As you get started with OwnBackup Recover for Salesforce, we’ve compiled this list of articles, walkthroughs, and videos that are most impactful and important for new users to review: 

    1. User GuideYou should have received this as part of your onboarding, but if you have not reviewed it is a good place to start. The two guides within this article will cover the key activities required to set up and begin successfully using Recover.
    2. User RolesAn overview of user roles, what each role can do, and role-based access control. There is also a deep dive into role-based access control, as well as a comprehensive FAQ. 
    3. IP Address RestrictionsStep-by-step instructions for setting up IP Address restrictions in the OwnBackup web application.
    4. IP Address WhitelistAn overview of the IP addresses that must be added to the list of acceptable IP Ranges in Salesforce. 
    5. Managing OwnBackup API LimitsThis article dives into how to set limits for API consumption, what setting API limits does, and how to utilize this feature. 
    6. Updating FLS via WorkBenchA video walkthrough of updating missing FLS via assigning a permission set and deploying it in Workbench. 
    7. How to Enable SAML Single Sign-OnThis article explains how to set up Single Sign On (SSO) - how to set up at the IdP, how to set up at the OwnBackup UI, and a video walkthrough of the process. 
    8. Common WarningsThis article contains a comprehensive list of common warnings and errors you might encounter, the reasons behind the errors, and solutions to resolve the errors. 
    9. Using the OwnBackup API: How to utilize the API access OwnBackup provides to manipulate and export some of your OwnBackup jobs and data.
    10. Getting Ready for Recover Onboarding: This article explains a few preliminary steps that need to be executed before the Recover onboarding session. 
    11. Adding Salesforce Services: A video walkthrough of setting up Salesforce backups for Data and Metadata services.
    12. Essential Service Options: A video walkthrough of the Options menu. In the options menu, you can make specific configurations to optimize the backup and tailor it to your business.

    13. Account and User Settings: A video walkthrough of the account and user settings in the Recover app.

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