Archived Records in Salesforce Communities

    To understand the changes we have made to the way archived records are displayed in Communities, do the following: 

    1. Log in to Salesforce Community as a user. 

    1. Select an object that has archived records (in this example "Account5").

    1. Click on the object to view the archived record.

    1. Click the "View" icon to see a particular archived record (in this example, "case"): 

    Fields will be displayed with the Field Label (instead of the Field API Name).

    You can confirm this as follows:

    1. Navigate to Setup.
    2. Select the Object Manager.
    3. Select the desired Object. In this example "Case". 
    4. Navigate to "Fields and Relations".

    You can see the "Field Label" of a specific field. This is what will be displayed in the archived record.  


    The page layout should reflect the page layout of the Community User, rather than the standard Page Layout. Therefore, Community users will only see the fields they have permission to see. 

    If Admin removed field level permissions from the Community Permission Sets, then the Community User will no longer see this field. 

    Community Users cannot perform actions on archived records. (for example, the "Export" button is not displayed). 

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