ServiceNow Authenticated / Backup User Permission Requirements

    OwnBackup leverages the ServiceNow Table, Batch, and Attachment APIs.

    Please ensure that the Authenticated User has the required permissions:

    • The "admin" role is assigned to the Authenticated User.
    • The “admin” role of any installed plugin is assigned to the Authenticated User.
    • If a special role is created for the Authenticated User, ensure that the role includes at least Read and Write Access to all out of the box & custom tables, fields, and ACLs.

    As a best practice, OwnBackup recommends having a dedicated user provisioned specifically for OwnBackup. This will enhance security and audit trail capabilities, as well as avoid API concurrency collisions, and other problems that may occur with using the same user.

    For security best practices:

    • Create a secure ServiceNow API-only user.
    • Enable IP restrictions to the relevant OwnBackup app servers.
    • Configure the Authenticated User with Web Service Access Only to restrict access to only web services like the REST APIs. The user cannot log in to the ServiceNow UI.

    Please note that OwnBackup uses the latest available backup to determine the schema of the Instance and whether certain tables/fields are read-only.

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