Changes to OwnBackup’s Login Mechanism

    Over the coming months*, we are improving our login mechanism for all OwnBackup accounts. 

    To ensure the most secure and seamless experience for you and your users, we are enhancing our login mechanism on our backend.  

    Please Note: These changes do not impact your SSO configurations.

    This article is aimed at Master Administrators and outlines the changes and improvements you will experience.

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) moves from user-level to OwnBackup account level.

    You must decide whether to default all users to MFA or not. By default, MFA is not required.

    • If you enabled MFA, it will be enabled for all users in your OwnBackup account. 
    • API Users that use the OwnBackup API applications/scripts can be exempt from MFA.
    If MFA was previously configured, it will need to be reconfigured after migration. You will receive a message asking you to reset your MFA when you first log in. We strongly recommend you do this as soon as possible. 

    Users creating or updating passwords must confirm the creation or update of passwords via email.

    • Click a link in the OwnBackup Application to send an email to your registered address.

    * The updates will begin on July 17 with EMEA2, and mid august with AU4. We will follow with EMEA4, USGOV2, CA1, CA4, HIPPA4 , UK1, AU1, Useast2, HIPAA1, EMEA1, and APP1 in the months after.

    Please Note: If you, or any users has not signed in to OwnBackup since 31 August 2021, you will be required to reset your password before signing in.

    If this is the case and you want to retain your current password, please sign in to OwnBackup prior to the migration.


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